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Over our many years in real estate investing, we frequently see amazing acquisition opportunities slip away from folks just because they don't have, or can't get, the funding they need for the deal.  We've seen it happen so many times that we've decided it's time to help those folks out by providing funding for real estate acquisitions!

Yes, we obviously specialize in raw, unimproved, vacant land (hence our company name) so naturally, that's what we are more inclined to fund.  However, we're interested in any real estate deals that you might need funding for - heck, if it's a good enough deal, we'll consider providing funding for other types of investments as well!



  1. You download our Savvy Deal Funding Due Diligence Form by clicking HERE, fill it out, and submit it to us via email to us at:

  2. We review the potential acquisition that you submitted to us and we either approve it or deny it.


  1. We fund 100% of the acquisition costs (or split them with you if you only need us to fund a % of the acquisition costs).

  2. You market & sell the property acting as the "Property Manager" (view a sample of our Savvy Partnership Agreement by clicking HERE).

  3. We split the net proceeds 50/50.


  1. Just because we didn't think the acquisition was "right" for us, doesn't mean it's not a great one!

  2. We know a LOT of fellow investors all over the world that are interested in funding amazing deals that don't quite fit our criteria.  If your acquisition doesn't fit our funding criteria, there is a great chance we know somebody that would love to fund it and we'll put you in contact with them!

Q & A:

  • Q: What information do I need to submit to you to review my Deal?

  • A: We provided our Savvy Deal Funding Due Diligence Form above (you can also click HERE to download it).  This is the form that we use to assess our own potential acquisitions.  We created this form scratch many years ago and have added items to it as we've come across them in our many hundreds of real estate transactions.  If it's on this form, there is a good reason for it being there - make sure you read through all of the items and fill out as much as you can before submitting it back to us at!  All of the GREEN highlighted cells are required fields.

  • Q: Do you have any criteria for types of deals that you will provide funding for?

  • A: Our research must tell us that the acquisition that you send over will make us both a positive return on investment.  We generally are not interested in funding deals unless they'll make both parties a sizable profit.  All real estate deals must have physical and legal access.  We gravitate towards real estate deals (specifically raw land) but we're happy to look at any potential acquisitions/investment opportunities that you have!  If you're skeptical whether your deal fits what we will providing funding for, send it to us anyways.  We'll take a look at it and we will give you our honest opinion on what we think about it!

  • Q: Can I submit a deal to you that I don't have a signed agreement for yet?

  • A: We would prefer to only review deals that you have a signed agreement on and that you have fully vetted yourself first.  That said, there are special circumstances where we will review a deal prior to you receiving a signed agreement to purchase.  Just make sure that you fully research the deal PRIOR to sending it to us, we're not going to research it for you!  If you don't know what type of research we want/need (for a real estate deal), download our Savvy Deal Funding Due Diligence Form by clicking HERE and start populating everything in it!

  • Q: Will you market and sell the property for me?

  • A: Nope - we fund the deal and you market it and sell it.  If we deem it necessary, we may require a marketing strategy from you in advance (this is mainly for new investors / flippers).

  • Q: How does the closing work on both sides (buy & sell) of the transaction?

  • A: We prefer deals that are only sizable enough (have enough ROI potential) to justify going through escrow on both the acquisition/purchase side of the deal and on the sales side of the deal.  Please take the costs of each of these into consideration in your submission that you send to us for review (you'll notice that we have included line items for title closings on both sides of the deal on our Savvy Deal Funding Due Diligence Form - click HERE to download it).  Please note: It will be your responsibility to manage the Title Company on both ends of the deal.

  • Q: Who legally holds equitable title in the property / asset that we purchase?

  • A: Typically, since we provided the cash to purchase the property / asset, we will transfer the property / asset into one of our entities (LLC's, etc.) to hold until you (the Property Manager) are able to sell it.  You set everything up and then have the escrow agent contact us and we'll provide any required documents directly to the escrow agent.

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