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Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent or have any on staff?

We do not currently employee any Licensed Real Estate Agents on our staff.

Fun fact - you don't need to be a licensed Real Estate Agent to buy and sell land where we work!

Q & A

Why should I buy from you instead of someone else?

We're always going to tell you the truth whether it’ll make or break a sale for us.  We want you to be ecstatic after you buy a property from us!  Mutually beneficial transactions are the norm around here and we intend to keep it that way.

Q & A

What am I allowed to do on the properties?

All of our property listings include the information that we currently know about each property.  If you have something specific that you want to do on the property, we always recommend calling the County office where the property is located and asking them about it.

Q & A

How long does the process take?

Our streamlined processes allow us to close in a fraction of the time that most folks are use to in real estate transactions.  The time varies from property to property but we can usually close within one (1) week unless you opt to close through a Title Company.

Q & A

Do you offer Owner Financing?

YES!  We offer in-house financing and require no credit or background checks.  We're your one-stop-shop when it comes to purchasing your dream property.

Q & A

Why invest in land?

The human population continues to grow but no more land is being created.  Acquire land while you can because it's a limited resource!  Land can be used for personal enjoyment and can also be a fantastic investment as well!

Q & A

Do I need an Attorney or a Real Estate Agent to buy land?

We’ve simplified the transaction process with easy-to-read contracts and deeds.  Most of the time a Real Estate Agent and/or a Lawyer is not needed to convey properties from one owner to the next.  Typically, the only parties involved in the transactions are you, us, and a notary!  This is yet another reason why our prices are so low – no 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. party taking their cut!  If you’d like to hire a professional to review the documents, that’s fine with us!

Q & A

Are Mineral Rights included?

Mineral Rights are not included with the properties unless otherwise stated in the property listing.

Q & A

How much are the Property Taxes?

Property Taxes vary from property to property.  Please check each individual listing for tax information.

Q & A

Can you show me the property?

Typically we do not show properties.  Savvy Lands is based in Houston, Texas so getting to a lot of our properties would be quite the journey.  This is another reason why we are able to keep our prices so low!  Each of our property listings contains GPS coordinates and any maps that we have of the property itself.  Feel free to plug the GPS coordinates into Google Maps and go check out any of our For Sale properties yourself!

Q & A

Who owns the properties for sale on this website?

Savvy Lands, LLC owns every property unless otherwise stated in the property listing.  Every now and then we will market properties for other individuals/entities.  If we're doing this for a property you're looking at, the property listing will state that the property is owned by another party.

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