• Property ID #: 22731920100900

  • Size (Acres): 35.20

With the Laramie River just one-quarter of a mile to the West and Wheatland Reservoir #2 just three-quarters of a mile to the East of this property, your lines have a great chance of being tight and the views are sure to be spectacular!


This property has the perfect elevated area to setup your camp or home to soak in the river views to the West, the reservoir views to the East, and the mountain views in the distance all around!

Calling all fishers, hunters, hikers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and folks that just love great views - you're going to love this property in Southeast Wyoming!


Hey hunters - you can look down into the Laramie River Valley from the high point on the East side of this property!


Wheatland Reservoirs #2 and #3 have some of the best fishing in the state and you can WALK to them from this property!  Fancy land instead of water? No problem! If 35 acres isn't large enough of an area for you, there are 10,000+ acres of state and federal public lands, including Miracle Mile of Platte River, all within a 2 hour drive of the property!


This 35.20 acres is in Laramie River Ranch in Albany County, Wyoming! Whether you are looking for a fishing base camp, a place to hunt, a place to camp, additional property to run your expanding herd, this property is for you! Many folks have informed us that this area is known for amazing fishing and antelope hunting! The Laramie Mountains and Shirley Mountains are nearby and provide great views.

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This property is being marketed by Savvy Lands, LLC and sold by and through the current owner of the property.  The current property owner purchased this property through a Title Company and has a full Title Insurance Policy on the property! For more information on the property, please try to contact the current owner of the property first and then you can reach out to us if needed as well.  Clicking the Link below will download a PDF that contains the current property owner's Name, Phone Number, and E-Mail Address.

  • To Download a PDF that Contains the Current Property Owner's Contact Information, Click HERE.



Casper, WY: 122 Miles to the Northwest

Garrett, WY: 26 Miles to the North

Wheatland, WY: 99 Miles to the Northeast

Slater, WY: 103 Miles to the East

Cheyenne, WY: 110 Miles to the Southeast

Laramie, WY: 58 Miles to the South

Denver, CO: 187 Miles to the South

Rock River, WY: 19 Miles to the Southwest

Saratoga, WY: 88 Miles to the Southwest

Medicine Bow, WY: 31 Miles to West


Laramie River: 0.25 Miles to the West

Wheatland Reservoir #2: 1.6 Miles to the South

Laramie Mountains: 55 Miles to the Southeast

Medicine Bow National Forest: 104 Miles to the Southwest

Shirley Mountains: 62 Miles to the Northwest


State: Wyoming

County: Albany

City: Rock River


Size: 35.20 Acres (This is over 1.53 MILLION square feet! Convert this to Square Feet HERE)
County Property ID #: 22731920100900

County Account #: R0017525

Legal Description of Property: Laramie River Ranch, Phase 2, Tract 58


Address of Property: Since this is raw land, no address has been assigned to this property yet (but it is easy to have one assigned by the county!). The property is located to the West of Wheatland Reservoir #2 and to the East of the Laramie River and Wheatland Reservoir #3. (Click HERE to see where the property is).

Zoning: Residential Vacant Land


Power: Electrical Lines run just 1/2 of a Mile to the East of the property along Solstice Drive (this is the road that runs along the West shore of Wheatland Reservoir #2. Click HERE to see where the power lines are.

Water: None. Would be Well, Haul-in, Catchment, or Alternative System (get more info on water well's HERE).

Sewer: None. Would be Septic or Alternative System (get more info from the county HERE).

Roads: Gravel/Dirt roads are used to access the property (get more info on county roads HERE).


Survey: A Legal Survey has not been performed on this property.  The property location is based on Plat Map, Legal Description, and County GIS Map data.  Check out the property outline on Albany County's GIS Mapping System by clicking HERE.

Property Taxes: $122.07 per year in 2019 (County’s Tax Office Website)
Back Taxes: $0

Association Dues: None

Time Limit to Build: None


General Elevation: 6,900 ft.


Type of Terrain: Level to Rolling and Sloped Terrain Throughout the Property.


Schools: Click HERE for more information on school districts in Albany County, Wyoming.


Fishing & Hunting: There are an abundance of fishing & hunting opportunities in this area, check out the Wyoming Game & Fish Department website HERE for more info.


  • Check out the “Property Tax History” of the Property By Clicking HERE.




Get There with Google Maps: CLICK HERE.


GPS Coordinates to the Approximate Center of the Property: 41.866263, -105.636164

Directions to the Property:

  1. From the Post Office at intersection of N 4th St and Ave A in Rock River, Wyoming (HERE), head North on US-287 N/US-30/N 4th St for 3.1 Miles until you reach Fetterman Road aka Highway 61 (HERE).

  2. Turn East (Right) onto Fetterman Road aka Highway 61 (HERE) and continue for 23.8 Miles until you reach THIS INTERSECTION.

  3. From THIS INTERSECTION, turn South (Right) onto Kite Ranch Road and continue for 3.3 miles until you reach Thunder Road (HERE).

  4. Turn Northeast (Left) onto Thunder Road (HERE) and continue for 1.3 Miles until you reach the intersection of Thunder Road and Sunshine Drive (HERE).

  5. Turn Northeast (Left) onto Sunshine Drive (HERE) and continue for 0.3 Miles (note: Sunshine Drive becomes Thunder Road during this length of the road) until you reach THIS INTERSECTION (there will be a homestead on the North side of the intersection) and then turn South (Right) at THIS INTERSECTION.

  6. Continue heading South on Thunder Road for 1.9 miles and then the property will come up on the West (Right) side of the road until you reach your new property and ultimate dreamy getaway HERE.


Discounted CASH Price: $22,879 (Buy for CASH and SAVE!)

Wholesale Financing Price: $29,380

Wholesale Financing Terms: $5,000 Down, $499 Per Month for 63 Months (this includes interest).

          *Need/want different terms? Contact the Current Property Owner TODAY with THIS CONTACT INFORMATION to discuss various options!

Please Note: If utilizing our in-house Wholesale Seller Financing option to purchase this property, you will be setup in our automated monthly payment system.  This is a web-based system that automatically withdraws your monthly payments as ACH Transfers OR Credit Card Transactions.  Each Monthly Payment noted above will have a $10 Monthly Service Fee added onto it.  You will also be responsible for the small fee (typically a couple bucks) associated with an ACH Transfer or a 3% Credit Card Transaction Fee if you opt to use a credit card.  ALL purchase options (CASH and FINANCING) shall incur a $299 document preparation fee.

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